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    澳门发牌网站‘If mademoiselle permits?’ he murmured, bowing, but hardly looking at her, as he pulled out a chair nearly opposite her and sat down.


    ‘Lend a hand here,’ he called.
    ‘I shall do so, and if at any point I am not clear, please ask me questions.’
    ‘Well, your French friend. How do you know he didn’t write to others beside you?’


    1.‘It seemed clear the marks were caused by some individual standing in front of her and squeezing her throat with both hands, the thumbs on the windpipe and the fingers round the neck. From the strength necessary to produce such bruises, it looks as if this individual were a man.
    2.‘Well, sir,’ he responded civilly, ‘that is outside my job and I fear I cannot help you. But I am sure you can get it now if you will come over to the office on the quay and go through the usual formalities. I am going there now and will be pleased to show you the way.’
    3.‘Well, M. Boirac, accept my thanks for your courtesy. That is all I want to know. Good-night, monsieur.’
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